piektdiena, 2018. gada 5. janvāris

Brīvprātīgās vada Ekoklubiņu Bilskā un Palsmanē

No brīvprātīgo dienasgrāmatas:

December, months of renewals. At the end of november we have moved to Smiltene. For this, some preparations were needed. We created shelves, fixed them, fixed the curtain rod, created the lampshade, bought last necessary things, and made art!! Let’s paint the chimney wall!!!
December was the month for us to search good ideas how to involve eco-club at Bilska school. The begining have not been as successful as we wanted for eco-club, so we engaged a new way to organize better the sessions. We needed to be more precise and let the headmaster know about our expectations.
For example, our planned workshop about reuse old clothes was not successful. The timetable has sometimes been changed without us to be informed and once happened that when we were at the place and figured the changed schedule, it was impossible for children to attend workshop. Instead of this, pupils seemed motivated and brought even more clothes than we expected. We were pleasantly surprised. 
The next activity we planned was a general discussion about plastic and waste management and its importance. We explained and showed them steps how to reach zero waste:
We considered each of them and children were really interested in to see some pictures and to exchange information about reduce, reuse, recycle, recovery and landfill.
One of the last activity, before holydays, at school was that we gave members task to choose eco-club logo and name. They were fully involved in this idea and were really happy to have the chance to choose their logo by themselves. But then they were preparing for christmas concert and they did not have time to vote for the best logo.
Taking into account the issues, we discussed about how to surpass them to improve seriously the eco-club. We decided to write detailed workshop and discussion plan from new year and share responsibilities. I, Mariam, became responsible for discussion part, and I, Lucie, for workshop part.

We also intervened in a new school, the one of Palsmane. For the first visit we made presentation about Georgia and France. We also took part in a workshop for gingerbread decoration.
Teachers and the director showed interest for our eco-club project and want to let us the possibility to implement it at their school in addition with zumba lessons. It represented a truly good new opportunity for us, and we were so pleased because children seemed to be motivated to work together with us. 
Additionally, we prepared the invitation text for the bread oven workshop organized by “Smiltene un Latvijai” association. Librarians helped us for translation.
And december, month of Christmas time. This period was punctuated by choir concerts. One first at Blome, and another one at the Smiltene’s church. And also the Christmas party at Bilska’s school. 

See you next month!!

All the best,

Lucie and Mariam