About us

The organization "SMILTENEI UN LATVIJAI"

The organization's mission: preservation and development of traditional and modern cultural values, sustainable thinking and action, promoting the well-being of citizens and their active participation in their communities.

The organization's vision: A strong community whose inhabitants learn about and preserve traditional cultural heritage, are involved in decision-making and improvement of their environment. Take care of your physical and mental health, the sustainable future of your place of residence and the planet.

Organizational values:

Civic participation - social equality, gender equality, solidarity, citizens' involvement in decision-making, voluntary work, joining forces for a common goal.
Lifelong education - access to knowledge for people of different ages and social status in Smiltenes region. Learning about well-being, Latvian traditions and nature-friendly lifestyle throughout our life.
Local patriotism -- concern for the development of local communities in the county, preservation and promotion of cultural and historical values.
Sustainability - a natural way of life, caring for the earth, caring for people, and sharing by promoting a direct buy-sell chain.

Facts and figures:
"SMILTENEI UN LATVIJAI" was founded 2002

Over the course of 20 years, we have implemented 17 ELFLA and ERASMUS-financed projects for a total amount of 121,188 euros, in which around 3,300 residents of the European Union, Latvia and our region were involved or benefited.

Address: "Lejas Varicēni" Smiltenes parish, Smiltenes district, LV 4729, Latvia Republic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Smiltenei.un.Latvijai
Email: smiltenei.latvijai@gmail.com
Tel: +371-26555539