About us

The organization "SMILTENEI UN LATVIJAI"

Main objectives:
Children, young people and adults to encourage a healthy lifestyle.
Promote sustainability and ecological life.
Cultural, educational and charitable events.
The disadvantaged section of society to help for cultural and educational events.
Adult education and continuing education of school children.
To achieve development and expansion of cooperation with other similar associations in the Latvian Republic and abroad to achieve the objectives of the organization.
Preserve Latvian identity.
Social objectives are:
Mutual support and promote the charity.
Promotion of cooperation with public organizations, associations, federations.
The co-operation with organizations, mass media, other businesses and individuals who can contribute to the objectives of the organization.
Organize and participate in seminars, conferences and other educational activities.
To establish contacts with national and international NGOs
Approximation of the life, culture and education to European standards and social standards

Facts and figures:
"SMILTENEI UN LATVIJAI" was founded 2002
Constantly active members 15 (as at 01.2016)
Address: "Lejas Varicēni" Smiltenes parish, Smiltenes district, LV 4729, Latvia Republic
Internet: smilteneiunlatvijai.blogspot.com
Email: smiltenei.latvijai@gmail.com
Tel: +371-26555539

Members of "SMILTENEI UN LATVIJAI " have  (as of 02.2014) participated in 25 European tenders won over 93% of them. The largest project obtained had a volume of 185.ooo Ls (264 300, - €)

Future plans and projects:
The large barn to be converted into a training center for adult education.

The corresponding 2,2 ha forest will be edited, well maintained and cleaned.
Organization and staging of the midsummer festival, "Ligo" 2016 in Lejas Varicēni.