piektdiena, 2018. gada 27. jūlijs

Eiropas brīvprātīgā darba veicēja atgriežas mājās un popularizē zaļo domāšanu

Mariam ir pabeigusi savu projektu "Permakultūras popularizēšana Smiltenes novadā". un atgriezusies Gruzijā, kur turpina iesākto darbu. Viņa piedalījusies Miera korpusa rīkotajā nometnē un vadījusi sesiju par mūsdienu klimata izaicinājumiem, permakultūru un zaļajām pieejām.

Viņa raksta: On 23rd of July I took part in a camp organized by peace corp in Georgia, in Ureki. The main concept of the camp was promoting green thinking among young people, school children. My session under the camp was generally about environmental problems and permaculture. I divided my presentation into three parts.

First session was about the main environmental challenges in Georgia, second part was about Permaculture. During this part I split them into three people groups and gave them each of permaculture principle as a task to explain and to describe why this principle is important to maintain people care, earth care and fare share. During this part we saw some photos from eco farm in Latvia, lejas Variceni, shared some practical information about natural building and permacultural gardening, also about trainings and permacultural society. Third part of the session was about EVS project and more concret my Latvian EVS experience. I showed them facebook page and had a discussion about working experience with Latvian school children.

To sum up, this camp was a great start for me and possibility to share my knowledge from my EVS project from Latvia. In addition to this, I have realized that young generation in Georgia is very much ready to take some serious actions and responsibilities. They know a lot about Environmental problems in Georgia and in the world and about their solution ways. I am so happy that they expressed a huge interest about permaculture and development of this way of living in Georgia.