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Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design Latvia starts in 2018!
The Diploma is the internationally recognised next step after completing a (PDC) Permaculture Design Course.
Through the process of accreditation, or aim is to design 10 Projects and initiate a co-operative organisation that will help to facilitate higher education in permaculture design.
„Down to Earth” is based in Switzerland, and will offer support to those who seek to take their permaculture practice to the next level. Building confidence in the individual practitioners, credibility of sound permaculture theory and resilient networks of support for regenerative design.
After all 10 permaculture projects have been documented, they will be submitted and, after an evaluation period, the final diploma examination will take place.
The first Diploma Course will start from the 25th of June till 29th of June 2018 and take place in Lejas Variceni close to Smiltene, Latvia.
The second Diploma Course will be from the 13th of August till 17th of August 2018 and take place in Zadini close to Launkalne, Latvia.
The third and fourth meeting dates will be around the same time 2019 and will be published approximately in March 2018
The diploma weekends will be individually discussed and held from September 2019
We operate a flexible payment system to make it more affordable.

Standard Rat: 600€ per year
per participant from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Palestine

Participants from the Rest of the World:
Standard Rate: 800€ per year
per participant from every other country of our lovely Planet.

For everybody:
Standard Rate: 200€ per Diploma weekend in the End of the course.

             The costs include:

- The whole Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design
- Accommodation in our farmyard hay hotel 
- Full catering (vegetarian) 3 times per day

Here is an example for a participant from the Baltic States
600, - Euro for 2 times 5 day course in the year 2018
600, - Euro for 2 times 5 day course in the year 2019
200, - Euro for the diploma weekend after October 2019

The costs are to be paid per year or in monthly instalments

More Information you can find here: http://permaculturediplomalatvia.blogspot.com/